The view of an animation film: Grandma and Her Ghosts

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  The view of an animation film: Grandma and Her Ghosts

 The film “Grandma and Her Ghosts”, which was released on 03/04 in 1998, has expressed the feature of Taiwanese social structure in early 90’s and shows the far east traditional culture.

    The story is about the little boy Doudou who spent the summer time with his grandma. Doudou’s father, who is working in the foreign country and has a serious illness, So Doudou’s mother needs to get there for taking care of him. Therefore, Doudou must stay with his grandmother during summer without his mum beside him.
At first, Doudou was afraid of his grandma and felt boring with the countryside. Soon after, he tries to interact with his grandma and makes friends with other kids (and ghosts), realised that she has some special abilities and other things he never knows.  

    Although the film is 2D animation and has been released over 20 years, it still memorised by Taiwanese in the 20th century when 3D turned into popular. In some aspects, there are two reasons for becoming the classic film in Taiwan.

 Generation Gap

    In this story, Dou Dou is a little boy from the city, and grandma is life in the countryside. And also, grandma speaks in Taiwanese dialect. Dou Dou only could speak in Mandarin. With different backgrounds and languages, they can not understand each other and feel unfamiliar. The director- Shaudi Wang had mentioned about this sense, and said: “We might already know many people around us, but still not realise our family.”

Ghost Festival and ghost world

   Ghost Festival is one of the popular traditional festivals in Taiwan. Every temple all over Taiwan, feasts are held to feed and entertain wandering ghosts. The process is serious and complicate because this festival is for ghosts, not for human. It’sInappropriate to tell young children about ghost and the ghost world until they turn into adult. However, the film has demonstrated the ghost festival and ghost world as the interesting and funny pattern for young children.
In the story, many ghosts are enjoying the fest at the festival, Dou Dou was helping his ghost friend to get something to eat.  Furthermore, Dou Dou defeats the evil spirit and save other ghosts to help them go back to the underworld.

Based on the description, Grandma and her ghosts could become the classic film is because of the story has present the normal daily life in Taiwan, and express the feeling and emotion from the interaction between people. For many young children, they might also have the same situation as the Dou Dou, or some elder people have same circumstances as grandma.







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