Enjoy Reading


Enjoy Reading

  Here is the picture I draw with photoshop, which I coloured in several layers. The painting referenced from a Renaissance painting, which the painter is unknown. Because the art looks quiet and peaceful, I changed the person into a dog and Intimated the motion of reading a book.

  The reason I want to do this was from a piece of news I read from Taiwan, there was a factory that only produces the counterfeit of paintings and sold them to the richer. The factory owner was a painter, and he decided to do this because his artwork was not sold very well and found that famous artworks are sold and earn more money quicker for his living. I was surprised  by the news, cause I was worry that people would not like my art style. Therefore, an idea come into my mind, I want to intimidate the famous painting and change the person into animals.

 Here is the process of the image.


Enjoy Reading

5.42*4.06 cm

Drawing with Photoshop. 

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