The process of drawing —Terrier Hacker.


The process of drawing —Terrier Hacker

   Hi, this is my drawing of Terrier Hacker. A dog who has become a spy agent and work in the secret department which belongs to the government.  Terrier Hacker was a straight dog in Taipei City, she had no name, lonely and desire for a family which could keep her. That’s was her only memory in her mind. One day, she caught by the catching brigade and had been brought into a secret department which belongs to the government. She was forced to inject some medicine that could make her brain smarter and be trained as a spy agent, the leader gave her a name “Terrier Hacker”. One day, there were some special memories came out to her brain without any reason. Therefore, she starts to discover what happens to her before she turns into a spy agent.

  In this picture, I drew the character at first, then drew the alley from Taipei city in the background. Next steps, I start to colour it. After coloured each layer, I adjusted the tone of the atmosphere. Because this sense is at night, so I tried to make the image darker to present the oppressive and cautious from the main character
Here is the process of the painting.  



The process of drawing Terrier Hacker

5.42*4.06 cm

Drawing with Photoshop.




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