The animation film review – Wolf Children

  The animation film review – Wolf Children

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     It is considered that most stories about wolf or beast are usually combined with horrible plot and violence, even represented as villain role. However, the movie “Wolf Child” not only demonstrates wolves in different angles but also reflect the aspects of daily life.

   The story is about a mother how to raise her children.
In the first beginning, the woman- Hana, met a man during the lesson in college. The man did not have a high education but he has a great attitude and desire to learn more, so the Hana wants to assist him to study, and then they get to know each other. When the man reveals his werewolf identity, she still in love with him, and decide to marry him. After Hana has two children, wolf’s nature had aroused in the man’s spirit that makes him want to hunt outside for his children and wife. In this part, wolf’s nature can be demonstrated in another image and also present people’s behaviour when they become parents. The story filled with happy life scene at the beginning. Therefore, the man was killed by the gunshot while he turning into wolf and hunting. Hana felt depressed and sadness at first, after that she starts to focus on takes care of her children.

   Those two children, Yuki and Ame. Both of them have inherited the wolf’s nature from their father, they can transform into a wolf anytime. Because their behaviour makes neighbours annoying, Hana decides to take them move to the countryside. In addition, Yuki and Ame spent their childhood in the countryside, they can live like a human, also like a wolf. However, Yuki starts to get used to interacting with other kids in school; Ame looks forward to living in the wild and learn how to survive in the forest from a fox. At the end of the story, Yuki chooses to be a human and leave the hometown to study in another city, and Ame decides to be a wolf and live in the forest.

  In conclusion, the story has reached a great access that the wolf story can be present in a different style, and correspond with our life. Hana did the thing that most mothers would do. She knows that stay in the city is not good for her children, so she changes the environment for them to grow up and ignore other people’s attention. Although Yuki and Ame have different life goals Hana respect their purpose and encourage them to do what they want to do.

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