Character design—Liam

Character design—Liem

   Liam is a crazy college boy who has curly hair and looks like Bob Ross with the big beard. He is very socialised and kind that almost knows everyone in CSM. Liam does everything very confident and loves animation, and he usually animates wit TV paint software and sketches in life drawing society.  Moreover, he spends most of the time in the library to read the books about animation. Most people think Liam is crazy and have no idea about his logic. In fact, he just want to spend more time on learning while he is in CSM. Afterwards, he wants to become a super animator in the future.

The character is based on the real person who is my classmate in CSM, Liam. In some perspective, it is a challenge that I have to find some features about him, including curly hair, huge beard, very tall (in my view).


   Here is the drafts of Liam.



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