Character design – Kelly


Character design – Kelly


   Kelly is a little girl who lives in the military camp in Mainland China during world II. She is an orphan that had been found in ruins by a soldier when she was a baby. The soldier kept her as his child and made a blue uniform jacket for her, which was her first cloth. Her childhood was spent at military camp and helped her soldier “dad” to handle everything in the camp. Although the life was hard, they were positive to overcome every challenge.

   Her best friend is Snowy, which is a huge white wolf. Snowy only listens to Kelly, because they grow up together. Although there are different challenges and dangers of the war, they conquered it with courage and hope during the war. Finally, they evacuate from the war and escape to Taiwan in 1949.


Here is the drafts about facial expression of Kelly, from sketches to coloured by water colour.

These are the images which coloured with photoshop.


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