Character design—Snowy

Character design—Snowy

  Snowy is a huge white wolf, which is Kelly’s partner. When Snowy was a young cub, it was trying to steal the food and caught by the soldier in the storage room. The soldier intends to kill the cub, but he realised that Kelly is still little and needs someone to accompany. So he kept it for Kelly and gave the cub a name, Snowy.

  The soldier thought that Snowy is a wolf that the size would be the same as other military dogs when it grows up. After few months, Snowy turned into huge that as large as a horse. But Snowy was loyalty and smart, the soldier and Kelly seem it as their family member. Although Snowy is loyalty like other dogs, it has actively offensive if someone attacks it or the soldier and Kelly. Because Snowy was naturally aggressive that there was a army general want to train Snowy as a weapon to win the war, the soldier let Kelly to take Snowy leave the camp away. Therefore, another journey begin…..

Here are the sketches of wolf for the character,Snowy.

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