THE REVIEW OF THE FILM – Warm bodies


     Warm bodies I an American paranormal romantic comedy film, which combined with horror fiction. The movie directed by Jonathan Levine, the film stars Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton, and John Malkovich. The movie “Warm bodies” was published in 2013 and nominated by Teen Choice Awards and 40th Saturn Awards. The story was based on the book “ Warm bodies”, which wrote by Isaac Marion, focuses on the relationship development of the girl, Julie and the zombie, R. The film was well known that the description expressed from the perspective of a characteristics zombie, which was different from other horror zombie movie.

    In the story, the zombie, R, he spends his days at the airport with other zombies. Because R is a zombie, he doesn’t have feelings and heartbeat. He often desires the flesh of the human, especially human’s brain. He can feel to be a human being by eating human’s brain. One day, he ate a man’s brain and felt the emotion of in love with a girl and affect his mind. Meanwhile, he also saw the girl when he looks for human flesh with other zombies. He decided to find the way to protect her and bring her back to human’s society. The story came with the happy ending that R and the other turned into the human because their feelings and emotions were aroused by interacting with people.

    In some perspective, the story not only horror but also have a sense of humour that use another angle of view to present zombie. The film expresses the misconception that people have the negative impression of the zombie. In fact, those people who become the zombie because they are lack of love and care and makes them feel empty, so they need to eat human flesh, especially the brain. The story demonstrates the interaction between people in reality. People usually misunderstood the thing they know from the news or word of mouth, and decide not to realise and ignore it.

    The story is close to the theme “Misconception” that I work for children society project. In the story of Warm bodies, people have a misconception with zombies. On the contrary, in my children society project, people also have a mistake about those teenage and see them as a monster. At the end of the story, the monster will become a teenage boy. Therefore, the main character, R would be my reference for my character design of adolescent boy.



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