The children society project — The character design, Monster


 The children society project — The character design, Monster

After I heard Leah’s audio, I think Leah’s description not only the monologue but also emerge the social phenomenon that people easy to have stereotype when they affect from the news they heard. In some perspective, most people decide not to realise the truth behind the story and see the specific groups with a negative perception, which might cause conflicts and discrimination. 

 From the audio, Leah is a teenager. He found that people would stay away or keep a distance from him when he hangs out with his friends on the street.  People decide to stay away from him because they read the news about knife crime that caused by young people, which lead to a negative impression on the teenager.


   To demonstrate the negative impression from people’s perspective when they look at the teenager, I decided to create the main character as a monster. In my project, the monster is not evil, and actually, his is a typical teenager. Because people affected by the news, so they see him as a monster in their eyes.


Here is the character design of Monster.





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