The review of the animation film – Cat Soup

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     The review of the animation film – Cat Soup

  Cat Soup is the Japanese animation film that directed by Tatsuo Sato and publishes on 21 February 2001. The film is a black comedy animation and presented in Surrealism style, which descript a young cat trying to find his sister’s soul by getting through the adventure to save his sickness sister.
The story was about a young cat, Nyatta, who lives with his sister and parents. One day, his sister was ill that the death took her soul away. Although Nyatta rescues a half of the soul, his sister was alive with no mind. Therefore, Nyatta decided to bring his sister on the journey to get another half of soul back.
During the long trip, they went to an unusual circus, which has present the big flood in the performance. Nyatta and his sister got on a boat with a pig to prevent the big wave, and get the food to eat by dissecting the pig. Furthermore, they met a person who was kind and gentle to them that treats them with a feast. However, Nyatta found the man intended to stew them as soup. Nyatta escaped with his sister from the man’s house. Then, they came into a desert and saw an elephant, which made from water. The elephant took them to got through the desert.
Meanwhile, the god tried to make time faster by operating the gears. Nyatta found his sister another half of soul from a flower, and return to their home in the real world. In the end, the whole world starts to disappear, include Nyatta’s family. The story seems unrealism that everything is not related to each other in the movie. On the other hand, the story is present Nyatta’s dream. Every creatures or item in Nyatta’s dreams found in Nyatta’s house in the first scene.

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