The second story of my graduation film — Her feast.

    The second story of graduation film — Her feast


   The story is about a college boy who falls in love with a girl. They study together, play together and sleep together. He feels proud and happy that everyone admires him having a beautiful girlfriend.

   One day at night, he had a romantic dinner with his girlfriend. While they are starting to kiss, the girl shows her dark side. She opens her big mouth and shows her sharp teeth. From that moment, the college boy realised that he is a prey of the girl. But it’s too late, the girl eats and swallows him as a meal. She is full and feels pleasure. In the end, she walks out on the street and meet another man.

   The deep meaning of the story is: One can not choose his girlfriend or wife for her beauty only. Furthermore, we can not judge a person just by his or her express. 



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