About my graduation film : Being Me


    The story of “ Being Me”, would be related to the food safety problem in Taiwan, which is a serious issue in our culture.

    Before the food safety problem issue happened in 2010, our local foods and street foods at night market had become popular in Taiwan. Our government was praise highly our local food and night market as our culture features. During the period, eating outside was a fashion for people. They believe that eating in a restaurant and be served by a waiter was a pleasure. Looking for various dishes and shopping at the night market was turned into leisure for people. After the food safety problem incident happened from 2011 to 2014, people realised that we could not trust everything which legalises by our government.

    In my film, the story not only about my dog- Blacky but also show the food safety problem of Taiwan to demonstrate people are usually chasing the trend blindly without consideration.
The main character, Blacky. She used to follow the order from the official government to accomplish her mission with no doubt. However, after she found that the official government was cooperated with the evil merchant to produce harmful foods which would make people stupid so the government could control people more easily. 
 Therefore, she follows her heart, uses her spy ability to help and protect the kid instead of doing killing missions.

Here are the news about the plasticiser tainted food scandal in Taiwan:












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