The first story of my graduation film — Bing Me.

The first story of my graduation film — Bing Me.

    This is my first initial idea for graduation film. Because the story is complicated and difficult to present in 3 minutes film, so I decide to make it …. after graduate. 

Here is the synopsis:

With the gene of a terrier, Blacky was smart, alert, and brilliant. She was taken home by a government official when she was a little stray dog on the street. Then she was trained as a spy dog to rescue some top-secret documents and kill evil merchants.

   She looked calm, even ruthless, but as the matter of fact, she sometimes felt tired of doing those killing things and hoped she could be beloved by a human like the other pet dogs.

   Fortune was on her side, as she was eager to be cherished by a person, she met a kid, who loved and cared about her so much that made her want to start a normal life—an ordinary dog. However, she still obeyed the government official’s order to complete those killing missions.

  Until one day, Blacky discovered that the truth was that the government official conspired with those evil merchants to produce harmful foods which would make people become stupid so the government could control people more easily. Those so called evil merchants she killed were those who wanted to reveal the truth. At that moment, Blacky realized that everything the government official had told her was a lie, and she was just a tool used by the government official to get huge profits. Therefore, she decided to stop killing missions and use her spy ability to protect the kid, and kind people around her. Her real, meaningful missions were just at the beginning.

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