The reason I want to change my graduation film.

   The reason I want to change my graduation film.

After consideration, I decided to change my graduation film. Frequently speaking, I don’t want other people to modify my dog story. Although my classmates have various ideas and suggestions for the dog story, I still want to keep the original one. Because those suggestions make me confuse what I am going to present with the story, also I realised that there are so many things I want to show in three minutes of a film, which is hard to display various information in such a short time.
Furthermore, there are some Taiwanese jokes will appear in the dog story, it would be difficult for other foreign audience to understand what I want to show for people.

Instead of using this story in my graduation film, I decided to restart again to think another one and learn to present a clear, simple concept. Therefore, I think a new story for the graduation film, which is related to my memory when study in college. I was thinking about one of my classmates, he was fulling with ambitions and passion until he falls in love with a beautiful woman, then he drops out and gives up everything. That’s how my second story comes out.

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