The view of the book “Animation- Art and industry”

  The view of the book “Animation- Art and industry”

   From to the book “Animation- Art and industry” (2009), George Griffin describes the studio production system of making cartoons, which mention about different roles in animation industry. In the modern studio cartoon, the designer might also be an illustrator, usually needs to develop with the storyboard, and carry on background occasionally. In some other situation, the designer also needs to handle with the colour scheme. On the other hand, the animator has to do the movement for the character that has been set by other designers.

   In most instances, the animator is responsible to focus on main points for animation, including creating a rough extreme, which is the skeleton of animation. Besides, animator needs to design poses for the character’s action and filling the exposure sheet to act out the animation physically before key out the scene, also a map for other workers to follow. In addition, the works of clean up, in between and colouring, those are done by animator assistances, which have to do numbers of drawings in the final part of production. (Geogrge Griffin,1980)  

Maureen Furniss (2007) Animation- Art and industry. John Libbey Publishing Ltd.

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