The view of On Happiness Road

The view of On Happiness Road

    Chi is a girl who borns in1975, she lived and grew up in Hsing fu Road. (Hsing fu means happiness in Chinses) Although her family was not wealthy, she faith everything with positive. Her grandma encourages her to do the thing she wants to do and search her happiness by herself. When she grows up, she leaves her home and starts to work in America and get married, which is the most Taiwanese desire. However, she feels lost and confuses about the definition of happiness. After her grandma passes away, she returned to her house on Hsing fu Road and realised the true meaning of happiness.

The story not only demonstrates Taiwanese lifestyle but also presents the social change over thirty years in Taiwan. The main character, Chi shows Taiwanese thinking: when we were young, we full with the dream and thoughtful. However, after we grow up, we realised how difficult it is to make our dream come true.


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