The experience I work with the first year.


   The first-year student who assisted me for my graduation film is Weijia. Before we start to work, I ask her some questions about what kind of the way she prefers to work and which parts she really good at. Those questions are based on the experience I work with the second from last year, this is the method to realise my first-year partner so I can arrange which part I could give her to do. Also, I show Weija the animatic to let her know she will handle which shots in the story.

  I let Weijia help me to animate some shots. Although those shots are simple that only appear in a few seconds, the movement is complicated and also the essential parts in the story. When Weijia was animating the scene about the hand’s touch, the shot when the man and the woman are in a restaurant. Weijia suggested taking some video for reference, we spend some time on doing the hands touching action for shooting. Moreover, Weijia gives me some advice about the movement for each different shots.

  In conclusion, Weijia not only helps to animate the scenes but also provide various ideas on the action detail to prominent the story. She works hard, decisive and good at observes something that I haven’t notice. From this process of cooperation, I learn how to let other people do my project, trust and believe they can help you to make your film better.

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